Review of Lundberg Family Farms Organic Long Grain Brown Rice

Lundberg Family riceFor some time now I have been buying my organic rice in bulk. I like this a lot because I just have to use one bag and can get the exact amount that I want or can afford at the time of buying it. Even though I was enjoying doing this very much sometimes I don’t always get over to the grocery store where I buy my bulk food items and have to choose a pre-packaged of what ever food item that I am currently out of. As a result I recently tried a couple different kinds of rice, one of which was Lundberg Family Farms Organic Long Grain Brown Rice. I choose to get brown rice over white rice, after Comparing Brown Rice and White Rice Nutrition I had decided to get brown rice, plus I like the taste better. I always try to get organic brown rice as well. It may bit a more expensive but I find the increase is worth it, with as much brown rice that we eat in this house it is important that it is organic. I make brown rice any time that we have a bean dish, when I make my own veggie burgers and any time that I use it as a side dish in a meal. The size of the bag of Lundberg Family Farms Organic Long Grain Brown Rice that I got contained just under five cups so I knew that it would not last very long, but I only chose one because I wanted to make sure that I liked it before stocking up and I was not completely convinced that the next time that I needed rice I wouldn’t be able to get it in bulk. The bag costs about four dollars, making it somewhere around forty to twenty cents more per pound of what I pay for the rice that I get in bulk.

With organic rice already being more expensive than non-organic rice to have it additionally more expensive because it is pre-packaged doesn’t make much sense for me and my grocery budget. For this reason I don’t intend on getting Lundberg Family Farms Organic Long Grain Brown Rice forever and do in fact hope to get rice in bulk again. However, I did find that the rice tasted good when using the best rice cooker 2017. Like standard brown rice it needed double the amount of water for the amount of dry rice that is in the pan and it cooked up in ten minutes shy of an hour. One thing that I did enjoy about the bag that the rice came in was that it could be closed and opened again and that it revealed the nutrition facts of the rice. When I get rice in bulk the nutrition facts are displayed on the container that holds the rice but in the grocery store it can be kind of tricky examining nutrition facts of foods when you have a toddler and need to keep your shopping time to a minimum.

The nutrition facts of the Lundberg Family Farms Organic Long Grain Brown Rice looked very, very good. In just one fourth of a cup there are one hundred and seventy calories with only fifteen calories from fat. There is also four grams of protein, three grams of fiber and thirty eight grams of carbohydrates in each serving size. The rice doesn’t offer any cholesterol, sodium, sugars, vitamin A, vitamin C or calcium but it does offer a tiny amount of iron, two percent of what you need. The rice triples in size after it is cooked, so the one fourth cup actually is three fourths of a cup once it is cooked. With such great nutrition facts I would recommend the rice to anyone that couldn’t get organic rice in bulk. All in all I enjoyed the Lundberg Family Farms Organic Long Grain Brown Rice and I am glad that I tried it.

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